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"Wealth alone does not guarantee happiness. For many of us, the root of our desire for wealth is that we hope having wealth will allow us to have the things we want in life. Because of this, wealth is a means to an end. It is a tool. Like any tool, wealth is most effective when one knows its purpose and how to wield it."

-W.M. Nzambi

Mariner Life Compass®

Life Compass® is our innovative planning approach, designed to help clients build and preserve wealth. Our holistic approach combines the power of a personalized financial planning process with institutional platforms, research and state of the art technology to help clients gain clarity, control and confidence in their financial lives.

Is there a system in place for your success?

While some organizations approach a client's needs through the sale of various financial products, we believe that successfully achieving your financial goals requires a systematic approach designed around meeting your unique wealth accumulation and preservation objectives. Life Compass allows clients to have:

  • Clarity by having visibility of your full financial picture, updating daily.

  • Control by simplifying your financial life, allowing you to plan for and work toward specific goals.

  • Confidence by providing a clear understanding of whether you are on track to meeting your goals and of the strategies being employed to get you there.

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